Bachelorette’s Lizzy Caplan: ‘It’s Exhausting Being A Girl’

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Although Lizzy Caplan isn't a household name just yet, you probably recognize her from Mean Girls and the now-canceled Starz series Party Down. Caplan is also one of the “It” girls of this year's Sundance Film Festival with her roles in the romantic comedy Save the Date and “girl-com raunch-fest,Bachelorette.

Bachelorette, which also stars Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher is already drawing comparisons from last year's, and Academy Award nominated film, Bridesmaids. While Caplan says she does find the constant comparison “frustrating” she is quick to point out that Bridesmaids was really one of the first films that showed that women can be just has raunchy and funny as the boys. Shit jokes? Toilet humor? Throwing up on each other? Yeah, we've got that covered.

However, critics are pointing out that Bachelorette takes this notion of humor to a new level. Even Caplan herself explained to New York Magazine that there were some places in the script where she was a bit nervous about the dialogue. One example in particular is her now-already-infamous blowjob monologue:

I was a little nervous about it, not because of the subject matter, but I was a little uncomfortable about the idea of a girl using that to get material possessions from a man. But it’s such an absurd speech. She’s in such an absurd place in her life. And if she needs to use blow jobs as currency, then I think it’s because she’s doing anything she can to distract herself from herself.

She went on to explain that if fans go into the movie thinking they're about to see another Bridesmaids, then they just might be “kind of disappointed or freaked out or grossed out” because the shock level is so severe, and it's about time.

Women have long known that they're just as dirty, if not more so, than their male counterparts. But it was society and the media that took a while to get to the party and realize that there was a market for such brutal honesty in women's behavior.

Caplan went on to explain the difference between men's and women's humor and how with women there tends to be an exploration of “the neuroses of the female mind.” Men, although neurotic in their own way, don't have the ability to tap into that source and to wholeheartedly convey a humor that maybe all women understand or appreciate. Says Caplan:

Men do stupid, funny things and it’s over. Whereas when a girl does something stupid the night before, she will obsess about it the next day. It’s exhausting to be a girl.

Hear, hear! Someone hit the nail on the head. Watch Dunst and Caplan explain further: