The Bachelorette With Farts Is The Smartest AND Stupidest Thing You’ll Watch Today

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The Bachelorette with Farts

Well folks, we have a contender for the most embarrassing video to admit you watched today. And it's Previously.TV's The Bachelorette with Farts. As one of the 9 Americans who did not commit 14 hours each week over to the past few months to helping Des find love, I'm feeling kinda lost today on the Interweb. For example, what is a Juan Pablo and where I can buy one? Also why do we still pretend like this marriage between Des and Chris Siegfried will ever work? It's 2013. Joe Millionaire happened ten years ago. Isn't it time to stop acting like these shows are anything but a reality show? No. They've already picked the next guy? Okay, never mind. Carry on with your day folks and folk on this piece of art instead.

And yes, anything that involves reality TV, proposals, Chris Harrison and farts qualifies as art. Just ask the gallery girls if you don't believe me. (Now that's a show that made me believe in love. And by love I mean human horcruxes. I miss you Chantal!) The basic premise is simple. It's The Bachelorette plus farts. Not since Burning Love have I seen someone parody a show so well. Considering that Burning Love is one of my favorite shows ever — sandwiched right in between Arrested Development and the episode of Full House where Stephanie barely got in trouble for driving a car into the house –that's a pretty high compliment.

Watch. Enjoy. Fart at your own leisure. Oh also, don't tell anyone that this made you laugh.