Watch The Trailer For Bachelorette, The Newest Movie We’re Going To Compare To Bridesmaids

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Yes bitches! There's a new trailer out that is right exactly up my alley and I'm so effing psyched. It's for the movie Bachelorette, which I somehow wasn't aware of until today. Very negligent on my part, I know. It's very Bridesmaids-esque (we're contractually obligated to say that about every movie that looks good and has women, from now on) and it looks hilarious. It stars Isla Fisher, Kirsten Dunst, and my girl Lizzy Caplan as the bridesmaids of soon-to-be-married Rebel Wilson. Isla and Kirsten are great and I'm sure I'll love watching them, but I'ma reserve extra loving space in my heart for Lizzy the day I see it. If you're awesome, you'll know her from Party Down, if you're marginally cool you'll know her as Janis Ian from Mean Girls, and if you're totally uncool you don't know her at all. But you have the chance to now! She's hilarious and wonderful and I seriously can't wait to see this movie.

The basic plot is that the four friends — Lizzy, Kirsten, Isla, and Rebel — are best friend but haven't seen each other in forever. So when it comes time to plan the Bachelorette party, the three bridesmaids are down to get crazy and the bride isn't super interested. Cue montages of damage and destruction infused with witty repartee and drunken lady bodies lunging at each other. It. Looks. Awesome. I will be there with bells on on September 7th, when this manna comes down from funny lady heaven.

Plus it has Adam Scott and James Marsden in it, so you can save yourself some time by laughing and falling in love simultaneously.