5 Facts About Sundance Darling Bachelorette, A Much Darker And Meaner Bridesmaids

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With the news that Bridesmaids got nominated for Best Original Screenplay, the buzz has grown deafening for Bachelorette, Leslye Headland‘s dark mean-girl comedy. It's already gotten positive reviews at Sundance, but beyond the setting, this is nothing like Kristen Wiig‘s tale of a hapless woman watching her best friend get married.

It's like the Plastics from Mean Girls, all grown up: Bitchy Regan (Kirsten Dunst), skanky neurotic Gena (Lizzy Caplan), and suicidal and insecure Katie (Isla Fisher). These girls are cruel, drug-snorting frenemies who shouldn't get starring roles… but nonetheless are hilarious in the way that they make you gasp, scandalized, at their jealousy-driven fuck-ups.

Here's what we've managed to glean from the first reviews.

1. At first blush, the movie does sound as if it's subscribing to the Bridesmaids formula. But those women, for the most part, wanted to help each other make Maya Rudolph‘s wedding a success. Bachelorette is downright mean, with a trio of catty, beautiful girls who mock anyone who isn't thin, white, or pretty. It's also graphic in a way that's more depressing than raunchy: The girls snort a bunch of coke to get through the rehearsal dinner, and have quick, unfulfilling hookups with the groomsmen.

2. Another Bridesmaids comparison is the inclusion of Rebel Wilson, who played Annie's freaky Australian roommate Brynn. But here she's got a more front-and-center role as Becky, the sweet and self-conscious bride. I'm curious to see if Headland and co. will go the uncomfortable step of making us laugh at Becky the way Regan — who resents the larger woman getting hitched before her — does, or if her size will render her off-limits.

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