QUIZ: Which Remaining The Bachelorette Contestant Should You Marry?

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After this week's boring episode of “The Men Tell All” on ABC's The Bachelorette, it's fair to say we've basically been counting down the days until finale night since last week's episode. In a rare twist-of-events (/a bad editing decision) there are three guys going into the ultimate episode and only one of them is going to come out with a rose from Rachel Lindsay. Will it be Eric, the sweet-but-inexperienced boy from Baltimore? Will it be Peter, the kind-but-commitment-phobic business owner from Wisconsin? Or will it be Bryan, the confident-but-cocky chiropractor from Miami?

While all of us are probably rooting for someone, in some ways we almost hope that our fave doesn't win… that way they can become the next Bachelor and then we can go on the show and compete for their final rose on a much-deserved season of their own. Have you been kept up at night thinking about which one of the remaining men is actually your soulmate? Well, look no further — because after taking this quiz, you'll have the answer!