Is It Just Me, Or Is Bachelor Pad Becoming A Celebrity Lookalike Goldmine?

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Let's pretend for a moment that I haven't become tragically addicted to Bachelor Pad and everything it stands for, and talk about something else I'm starting to notice in the episodes week to week. Is it just me, or has this show become a land of celebrity lookalikes? I'm not saying they look exactly alike, but people look like the generic brand of the celebrity they resemble. Like, celebrities are the hot Venus razors, and these Bachelor Pad contestants are the Bic disposable razors. But they are still razors! They take hairs off your legs and they do still look like razors! I'm sorry. I'll calm down. But there really is an uncanny resemblance between some of these contestants. You judge me now, but you'll see.

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First of all, there's Rachel. She's from Ben Flajnik‘s season and she's actually pretty awesome. She and Michael are getting pretty romantical, and it's one of the few relationships in the house that actually makes sense to me. That said, she looks startlingly like Taryn Manning.

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Remember her? From movies like Crazy/Beautiful, 8 Mile, and that old, timeless classic Crossroads. She was always kind of edgy, and especially with the bangs, she looks a lot like Rachel to me.

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 Next is Dave. He's a fan, so he's not from any season, which made a lot of people think he'd be out really early. But he's defied expectations, avoiding elimination last week and even narrowly beating Michael to win the challenge this week, keeping himself safe from elimination. In other words, he's unexpected competition, particularly because to me he resembles kind of a melty Ryan Gosling.

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You know, if like Ryan Gosling were a young candle, and his face melted a little, particularly at the edges of the eyes, I think he'd look a lot like Dave.

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And finally there's Sarah. She's from Brad Womack‘s first season, and she's pretty weird. She hooked up with Ed, the winner of Jillian‘s season, but then voted for him to leave just because Reid told her to. Then she ran to Ed and told him the plan before it actually happened, just without telling him the players in it. That was last week. And then this week, she did the exact same thing, but she also revealed that it was Reid scheming against Ed, which resulted in Reid (and female fan Donna) getting sent home and Ed staying to blackout another day. But anyway, Sarah. She's shifty-eyed and she's definitely had some work done, but she totally reminds me of a puppy-faced version of Miley Cyrus.

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It's a little bit of a stretch from still images, but if you watch her on the show itself, I really think you'll pick up on it. Something about the work she's had done on her mouth, and how small it is and the way it moves really reminds me of Miley. And a little bit of Drew Barrymore, too, but that's for another post.

What do you think? Are there any more celebrity lookalikes hiding in the cast?