Everything We Know About This Bachelor in Paradise Scandal… So Far

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Just days after the cast for season four of Bachelor in Paradise was finally announced and the show started filming again, BachelorNation was rocked by rumors stating that BiP was suspended “indefinitely” as ABC investigated allegations of “misconduct” on-set in Mexico. The cast posed for a photograph in an airport and were told they were flying to Houston and then — to put it politely — $h*! hit the fan.

While at first it appeared that one of the show’s Field Producer’s filed a complaint because of what she was forced to witness on the job (on the first day filming!) during a raunchy hookup between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson by the pool, it quickly came to light that no — it wasn’t because the producer was offended — it was a question of if Corinne could consent to the hookup considering how much she’d been drinking that day. While the two didn’t have full-on sex, TMZ reported that DeMario described the encounter has being full of “rubbing, touching,” “fingering” and “licking.” According to reports, the producer who blew the whistle on the whole debacle had tried to intervene but the showrunner and other producers told her not to and to keep rolling the cameras — which is now making fans wonder if ABC and The Bachelor franchise values high-ratings over the literal safety of their contestants. Heck, they keep bringing Chad Johnson back on the show despite his several violent outbursts.

Sources close to Corinne also told TMZ that not only did the 24 year-old have a boyfriend back home who they didn’t think she would cheat on willingly — especially not on camera — but she also blames the producers more than DeMario because “he too was drunk.” Then again, DeMario’s people said he fully remembers what went down whereas Corinne had no idea until she was shown the tapes after the fact. Corinne, apparently, is suing the franchise now, too.

Things continue to get complicated: Some have said other cast members knew that the girl with a self-described “platinum vagine” was too drunk to be doing anything sexual. But we also know that many of the girls who were filming BiP (and formerly seemed like good friends) including Alexis “Shark or Dolphin?” Waters, Jasmine Goode and Raven Gates have seemingly unfollowed Corinne on social media. WTF? There must be more to the story. Especially because I doubt Raven’s the type of girl who’s going to hate on someone for ruining her TV-show-fun when it’s such a serious matter like sexual assault. Furthermore, production sources insist that no other individuals suggested to them that Corinne was too out of it to keep filming. Raven’s tweeted that she’s “heartbroken about BIP,” adding she's “worried about the TWO people involved. Not just one.” Some leaked text messages show that DeMario feels confident when the tapes are shown, he'll be exonerated.


It’s pretty obvious that no one has the full story yet but it’s also crystal clear that something terrible happened while filming the show. The Bachelor franchise and tbh, the entire landscape of reality TV, may be changed permanently. Think of how many other reality shows besides The Bachelor rely on alcohol to create fights and hookups. Examples include series like Are You The One? and Real World, to name a few. Now, perhaps, producers will think a bit more about the dynamics of consent and think a little less about the viewership that the drama may pull in.

Our go-to guy when it comes to all things Bachelor-related, Reality Steve, has said that there’s no freakin’ way that this season of BiP will ever see the light of day and the entire show will likely be cancelled for good. Chris Harrison spoke about the incident on Good Morning America and while he had to remain fairly tight-lipped on the situation he did say, “I urge you to please be patient and respect the privacy of the parties involved… safety and care of the cast and crew of our show is of the utmost importance to us.”


The story continues to unfold and the truth will come out eventually (Don't worry — we'll keep you posted). While we’re def bummed that one of the craziest summer shows is (probably) gone for good — obviously the most important thing is the mental and physical health of the reality stars we’ve come to know and love.

Oh, and another tidbit? A Bachelor contestant revealed that producers told Corinne and DeMario that they had a dramatic storyline planned for their hookup because both were cast of the villains of the season. So, basically, it’s been confirmed that yes, for the most part, The Bachelor franchise is just as scripted as we thought. (But, no, this whole thing is not just for ratings).

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