15 Reasons We Literally Can’t Wait for Bachelor in Paradise Season 4

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Is everyone tired of the phrase “Bachelor in Paradise” yet? We've seen the show halted, cancelled, and then brought back all within months.
*IF THE BIP DRAMA IS STILL SOMEHOW NEWS TO YOU: CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 & THEN HERE FOR PART 2. It was crazy and there was wayyy too much drama to recap RN.*
Endless past contestants have spoken out along with just about every pop-culture news outlet possible. Luckily, once tapes were reviewed there was no evidence of misconduct — at least by Warner Bros. standards, meaning that BiP was back and it was back with a vengeance. No matter what your thoughts were/are on the Bachelor in Paradise scandal, we feel strongly that there would be no summer without a little “paradise” and will definitely be tuning in for the August 14th premiere to see all the drama, romance, and tears. What can we expect during the fourth season of Bachelor in Paradise and why can next Monday not possibly come quick enough? Here are 15 reasons why: