15 Romantic But Insanely Unrealistic Date Ideas From The Bachelorette

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When’s the last time you found yourself gushing over a romantic, candlelit dinner for two… on top of a 20-story building, which you arrived to by — wait for it — private helicopter? Yeah, we thought so. But that’s what’s so great about The Bachelor franchise. You can pretty much live vicariously through the unbelievable, over-the-top and expensive AF dates the contestants get to go on. Seriously, who actually needs a private airplane to take them and their date to their dinner table? But if the dates on the show were just a normal trip to the movies, you probably wouldn’t watch them, would you?

We commoners may just have to settle for shushing loud people at the movies and burning the bottoms of our feet during long walks on the beach while on romantic dates. So to prove just how incredibly insane (and low-key cool) dates on The Bachelorette can be, we’ve rounded up 15 of the sweetest dates that probably would never happen IRL in a thousand years. Click through to get slightly jealous: