How Many Bachelor And Bachelorette Couples Actually Stayed Together?

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Besides giving us our weekly dose in drama, theoretically The Bachelor franchise is supposed to take contestants (and the audience) down a romantic journey of love with hopes that in the end, two people will be walking down the aisle headed for a lifetime of wedded bliss. Even though the whole point of the show is to help hot singles meet their ~soulmates~, and despite the fact that every season typically ends with a proposal, a surprisingly small amount of these pairs ever make it to the big day.

Could it have something to do with six weeks not actually being enough time to truly decide whether you want to spend an entire lifetime with someone, maybe? Or perhaps it's the fact that once you get engaged, you're not allowed to see one another at all until the show finishes airing so that the population doesn't know who won. Either way, it ain't easy finding your forever-bae on TV.

Spoiler alert: most of these couples headed to Splitsville almost immediately after their relaysh went public, but we have seen some successful marriages come out of the show (yes, even from Bachelor in Paradise) — and even a few babies!