I’ve Had About Enough Of Azealia Banks And Her Use Of That Other F-Word

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radio 1 hackney weekend day 2 14 240612Azealia Banks may make great music, but she hasn't been making herself a ton of great friends in the LGBTQ community recently. Even though she's self-identified as a bisexual woman, Azealia has exactly zero sympathy for people who might be sensitive about the word ‘faggot'. She made this pretty clear in a previous confrontation with Perez Hilton, where she used the slur against him and made only a vague apology for it in the wake of backlash. She said a lot of stuff, but the jist of it is:

“A faggot is not a homosexual male. A faggot is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference.”

Azealia tweeted that as an explanation for why it was okay for her to use the word. She argued that in a 2013 context, the f-word has lost its original meaning and been reassigned a new one. She relates it to the word ‘nigger', in that that word has been stripped of its original meaning and reclaimed by the community it was originally used against. She says she knew how she meant it, and essentially adds that if other people are uncomfortable with it, that's on them. We need to move forward as a society to a point where negative words like that no longer have a stigma.

I'm making her argument for her a little bit at the end there, because even though it's A. hard to follow and B. on Twitter, I can sort of see where she's going with it. I think she's trying to take the f-word to a place where it no longer has power over the people it was designed to degrade, which is a great plan in theory. Unfortunately for her argument, we're not at that point yet, so it's still a very controversial word to go throwing around. Add to that the fact that she used it against an actual gay man, and the logic of her explanation gets even more tentative. But still, the girl is like twenty-one years old, so I was trying to have some sympathy.

Until right now. Here are the newest tweets coming out of Azealialand on Twitter:

Azealia BanksAzealia Banks 2 Azealia Banks 3Ooookay, I'm gonna stop you right there for a moment, Azealia. You're saying we should take the negative connotation away from the f-word even as you're adding more negative connotation to it. That makes exactly zero sense. Azealia Banks 4 Azealia Banks 5Let me see if I can address this one too. First of all, the n-word hasn't been completely accepted as a colloquialism. Look at all the controversy surrounding Django Unchained. I'm white, and I'm not even 100% comfortable writing the word in this piece for fear of offending someone. It's not a word that comes out of my mouth ever, but you're right, there are many people who use it colloquially and it's true that it doesn't retain the same meaning that it once did. HOWEVER. It also doesn't have a new, negative meaning like you're assigning to the word ‘faggot'. You're saying that word means ‘coward, liar, backstabber, energy stealer, blood sucker'…if those were the definitions for the word ‘nigger', do you think it would be at all acceptable to use it? Particularly toward people of color? I'm just a dumb, close-minded girl leaving in 2013, but I really really don't think so.

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