Azealia Banks Threatens To Sit On Kreayshawn’s Face In Twitter Feud

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Rising hip hop star Azealia Banks has a lot going for her: an awesome single/music video, a just-announced slot at Coachella, and a facility with words that's already drawing comparisons to hip hop greats. However, she must be a little bit green at the internet, because as of yesterday she had yet to learn one of its key rules: do not pay attention to anything Kreayshawn says or does, ever.

The beef started when Kreayshawn RT'ed a link to Banks' “212” video that had been posted by the twitter account of X-rated video site Pornhub. She's since deleted it, but here's the tweet she RT'ed:

Banks took this as a sign of disrespect, and the following exchange occurred:

I think Banks might be ascribing a little too much cunning to the hip hop version of Rebecca Black, here. I wouldn't be surprised if Kreay followed Pornhub for more, um, utilitarian purposes, and RT'ed the link when she saw it, simply because she liked the song. I'm also surprised Banks would get so incensed at being linked to by a porn site when she writes such brilliantly explicit lyrics. Then again, maybe Kreayshawn got jealous of Banks' budding success and decided to take a clumsy swipe at her, like, “ha ha, someone who runs a porn site likes your music, therefore by the transitive property, you must have ten dicks in your mouth at all times.” What do you think?