Awkward Or Awesome? Chris Evans Got His Roommate A Gig Playing His Butt Double In What’s Your Number?

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First off, why do celebrities even hire body doubles? Isn't part of their job to have rocking bods (and asses, and boobs)? That disconnect aside, this story is pretty hilarious: Chris Evans decided to get a butt double for What's Your Number? after he learned that co-star Anna Faris had wrangled one (also of the ass variety). But instead of auditioning a bunch of random naked dudes, he turned to someone he knew and trusted: His roommate Zach.

Here's how he told it to Us Weekly at the movie's premiere:

“My butt double is my roommate in Boston! He's a kid I grew up with. Anna said she got a butt double for the bay scene. My buddy Zach was like, ‘Who's going to be your butt double?' and I said, ‘I don't know. Do you want the gig?'… I brought him down, he met the director, did a little spin around and boom—he's in the movie!”

So if we understand correctly, Chris chose a guy he's known since childhood, who he sees fairly often. (Whenever he's living at his digs in Boston and not on-location, that is.) Seems a bit like taking your work home with you, but we're also glad for stories of actors sharing the wealth with their buddies in a way that's not douchey like on Entourage.

But of course, poor Zach (no surname) is still being defined in relation to his famous buddy. So it begs the question…

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P.S. These are probably Anna and Chris' butt doubles — or if it's the stars and they simply got photographed by JustJared, then I really don't get this body double business.