I Get That Awkward Made Jake “The Good Guy,” But I’m Still Team Matty

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In a continuing study of how my sophomore year was not like Jenna's in Awkward, the gang gets hammered and macks on everyone in sight at a house party on New Year's Eve as a super hot guy and an adorable puppy-like one fight for Jenna's affections. Sigh.

But even though Jenna (Ashley Rickards) has moved out of her suicidal-but-not-really outsider stage, the season 2 premiere of Awkward still had all the awkwardness the high schooler in you could hope for, starting with a Christmas gift of a massive box of condoms from Jenna's dad. Side note: Is Mike Faiola a DILF or what? “Explanation? Why do you need an explanation?” “Because I'm not a douchebag.” Oh Mike, you kill me.

Anyway, as Jenna writes in her blog before the fated New Year's party at Matty's house: “In four short months, I had evolved. I'd gone from “that girl who tried to kill herself” to “that girl who had a date on New Year's.” But for some reason, new Jenna couldn't help feeling like the old one.”

Duh, that's because it's a date with the wrong dude! Ugh, Jenna. I totally get that they're setting up the whole player who stole her virginity and didn't want to be seen in public with her but she loved him vs. the good guy who treats her right and is good for her. But here's the thing.

Matty isn't that bad of a guy, and Jake isn't that good of a guy. The breaking point last season for Jenna was when Matty (who had a cute invitation for Jenna all ready), didn't end up wanting to go to the winter formal because he didn't want to hurt his friend. How bad is that really? Not to mention, he then dressed up and showed up at her house regardless! And then tried to find her at the dance.

Meanwhile Jake is adorable and all, and it's sweet that he can be a goofball and get along with her friends, but so did Matty! Hello, he did Ming's hair last season. The season 2 premiere only made me like Jake less. Exhibits A-C:

A. The couple is making out (I know right, that never happens on Awkward), and Jenna says, “This is frustrating. Maybe we should —” Jake interrupts, “Take off our clothes?” Cool your jets big man.

B. His Christmas present is an online relationship request?? Lame to the umpteenth power.

C. Jake sees a box of condoms from Jenna's dad and says “Thank you Mr. Hamilton! Looks like I'm gonna have a good year.” One minute you're all worried because Jenna won't even be official with you and the next you're looking forward to a year of sexy times? Again, cool ya jets.

And yet, despite Matty asking Jenna for another chance, she is pretty resolute on this “Jake is the good guy” mantra she must be meditating to, because at the stroke of midnight, guess whose arms she ends up in. I know, I was looking forward to watching Beau Mirchoff‘s jaw in action too. (And no, him kissing Sadie didn't exactly do it for me.) Never fear though, I have confidence that we'll get to see Matty and Jenna together again at some point this season.

The episode ended with a bang as Jenna finally confronted her mom about the care-frontation letter, in the form of a letter of her own. On the same stationary, Jenna wrote her mother a note that said, “This is who YOU are.” You go girl.

Tune in next week to see the aftermath between Jenna and her mom, and watch as Matty (hopefully) keeps trying to get Jenna back. Awkward airs on Thursdays at 10:30 on MTV.

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