Awful Movie Trailers That Don’t Do The Movies Justice

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When it comes to the level of any film's success, a ton of factors come into play. There's the popularity of the lead actors, the uniqueness of the plot, the level of interest in that genre, and of course, the feedback from critics. But even if a movie is met with stellar reviews, or even if it turns out to be a groundbreaking film that's filled with A-Listers, none of it really matters unless the marketing campaign is on point.

In the past, we've seen so many epic trailers grace our TV screens. In fact, some were done so well that they turned out to be even better than the movies themselves. However, we've also seen our fair share of corny montages and boring visuals – and surprisingly enough, the films that they were promoting far exceeded our expectations when we finally saw them. So this got us thinking: Why in the world do some of the most powerful movies wind up with such bad trailers?

We imagine that, for some, it was a challenge to pack so much information into two or three minutes worth of time. Or perhaps their attempt to withhold major plot twists caused them to create trailers that were totally misleading. But whatever the reasons might be, the sad truth is that these trailers pushed some audiences away. It truly is a shame, considering that some of the movies on this list are among the best that were ever made…

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