Behold The First Musical Progeny Of Chavril

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Avril Lavigne may or may not be having an actual baby with fiance Chad Kroeger, but the first of many inevitable music babies has arrived in the form of an Avril Lavigne cover of Nickelback‘s inexplicable megahit “How You Remind Me.” And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?¬†Listen below!

As you can hear, it's definitely an improvement on the original, if only because Avril Lavigne's “I clean up nice” voice is a dillion times more pleasant to listen to than Kroeger's post-grunge douche growl. She even added a swing beat and mixed up the phrasing a little in an effort to break up the song's relentless, repetitive, soul crushing monotony. Good job!

That said, this is probably a best case scenario designed to ease us into the idea of Chavril The Musical before letting loose with the truly terrible stuff. Do not be fooled. Stay tuned in 2013, when Kroeger will turn “Sk8r Boi” into a Nickelback song.

(Via Vulture)

Photo: Hello Canada