I Guess Avril Lavigne Is Famous Enough To Merit Pregnancy Rumors

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There are two ways to know you made it in Hollywood. The first is that you're nominated for a prestigious award, like an Oscar or a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award. The second is that people start examining your stomach for any sign of bloating. If your stomach ever looks bigger from one photo to the next, you get put on Baby Bump Watch.

Allegedly, there's an underground international organization that actually monitors the Official Baby Bump Watch. They're the people who make the call between baggy shirt and 3-week-old fetus.

Well, we all owe Avril Lavigne a congratulatory Edible Arrangements basket because she's made it! After making headlines this summer for getting engaged to Nickleback's Chad Kroeger, she wowed us all again by showing off a slight bump.

What could this bump morph into? The below photo from Morphthing.com gives us a pretty good idea of what could be popping out.

While we won't know for 7-9 months whether this is a legit baby bump or a hoodie issue or a “I just ate a burrito” snafu, we'll go ahead and start thinking about the beautiful lullabies that Avril and Chad can sing to their baby. Lullabies that will make music fans across the country weep in happiness.

After all, if I remember correctly everyone was super excited about these music powerhouses joining forces. Bring on the holiday variety show special and duet encores!

(Photo: Dan Jackman/WENN.com)