Avril Lavigne Launches Campaign To Help Fight Lyme Disease

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Avril Lavigne is mostly known for being a relic of the early 2000s, her penchant for heavy eyeliner and skater attire, and her bizarre marriages and divorces with some of the biggest ~heartthrobs~ in music (looking at you, lead singer of Sum 41 and lead singer of Nickelback) but I have a soft spot for her after learning that she is struggling with Lyme disease after a tick bite in the spring 2014 rendered her bedridden for five months.

A lot of people (admittedly, I used to as well) think Lyme disease is a blip on the radar — you get a tick bite, you take antibiotics for two weeks, and you’re cured. But after my mom fell ill and went undiagnosed for years while told she had a myriad of other diseases, given steroids to manage pain that only made her sicker, and spent many awful days in the hospital, I know how serious it can be.

Avril has come out as an advocate for Lyme strugglers while she continues to get better herself and it’s quite admirable. She has teamed up with Prizeo, a digital fundraising platform, to launch a global campaign to benefit those who are also struggling with Lyme Disease.

In honor of her birthday, the 5-week campaign supports the Avril Lavigne Foundation’s work with children and young adults who are also ill with the tick-borne illness.E! News reports that “once the campaign ends on Nov. 9, a grand prize winner will be randomly selected to spend time with Avril and have a speaking role in Charming, the animated film featuring the celeb as the voice of Snow White.”In a video, Avril thanks fans for their support during her rough year. In a statement, she said:”I’m excited that this year’s campaign is supporting people with Lyme disease and helping others to better understand the issue. My fans are always so supportive and ready to give back; I look forward to coming together for an issue that’s so close to me.”

Unfortunately, most doctors still believe that chronic Lyme is not a real thing, so I am happy that celebrities like Avril and Yolanda Foster are bringing awareness to such a serious and life-threatening disease.

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