Avril Lavigne Gets Into A Bar Fight, Says It Wasn’t Her Fault

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The princess of misleadingly packaged pop lived up to her spunky image early yesterday morning when she got sucked into a bar fight along with boyfriend Brody Jenner (half-brother to Kim Kardashian). According to People, the fight started outside Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel around 1am Sunday morning when some as of yet unnamed attacker (attackers, if Avril's twitter is to be believed) went after her for unknown reasons. Perhaps they were disgruntled fans who felt her latest album, Goodbye Lullaby, represented a dip in quality from 2007's The Best Damn Thing?

When Brody tried to intervene, he was allegedly struck in the face with a bottle, and had to go to the hospital to get patched up. The cops are still investigating the incident and have yet to report any leads or even confirm that the attack occurred. However, this being 2011, Avril and Brody did what any half pop star/half reality star couple would do, i.e. they took to twitter immediately.

Here's what Brody had to say about the incident:

And here's what Avril had to say, which was so long and profound it had to be split up into two whole separate tweets:

Those flesh mutilating accessories are just for decoration, okay? She would never actually use them to defend herself, because that would be fighting, and she doesn't believe in that.

All jokes aside, her injuries sound nasty and I hope she recovers from them soon. Those misleadingly packaged pop albums aren't going to record themselves.

(Via People)