17 Authors Who Hated Their Book’s Adaptation

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From missing characters and bad casting to major plot changes, we're all too familiar with films and TV series that fail to live up to the books that they're based on. It's unfortunate, because not only do they change the real stories, but also, they completely miss the point of the books.

As upsetting as this is for readers, we imagine that it doesn't compare to the disappointment authors feel when they see such poor and inaccurate portrayals of their work. Most of them had very little or no creative control during the filming process, and so as a result, they were forced to accept adaptations that were nowhere near what they envisioned. Yes, some of these projects did end up becoming major successes. But it doesn't change the fact that so many directors and producers completely ignored or disregarded the writers' wishes. It's why we don't blame them at all for voicing their opinions on why they hated their book's adaptations so much.