Austin Mahone Wore A Onesie This Weekend, But Remind Me Again How He’s Not Justin Bieber?

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Austin Mahone and his fans the Mahomies continue to insist that he and Justin Bieber have about as much in common as kale chips and potato chips — which are not comparable at all no matter how many experts tell me so on The Today Show. But for someone who claims to not be the second coming of Bieber, he’s certainly not doing a very good job of convincing us. The signs are all there, from the fact that their names are only one letter apart to their penchant for shirtless selfies to their YouTube roots. And now Austin has the nerve to walk around in a onesie, knowing full well that onesies are Justin’s thing. That’s like taking hoop earrings away from Gretchen Weiners. What a traitor.

Allow me to catch you up on Onesiegate 2013. Justin Austin was photographed at the airport on Sunday Afternoon wearing a red onesie designed to look like Ron Burgundy’s suit. He also Instagrammed the above photo of himself wearing the onesie next to a cardboard cutout of Ron himself, captioning it “Anyone else excited for Anchor Man 2?” To answer your question, Austin, no I am not excited for Anchorman 2. I think the press tour has been annoying and tiresome. Thank you for asking. Now we can go back to talking about why the hell you stole both Justin Bieber’s and Ron Burgundy’s looks and claimed them as your own?

The only thing saving him in this photo is the fact that he’s holding a copy of The Lord of the Rings (although, if he really wants to go all out and mimic Bieber, he would consciously lose his ability to read — it’s quite a feat). And I’ll let the Ron Burgundy similarities slide because he’s clearly paying tribute and isn’t denying the comparison. But nobody wears baby clothes better than the original adult baby himself, Justin Bieber. He’s the king of the poopy diaper, and don’t you forget it.

Sorry, Austin Mahone, but if you really want people to stop thinking you’re pulling a Single White Female and plagiarizing Justin Bieber’s life, then you should probably stop doing exactly that. Starting with the onesies. Although good job holding the book right side up. You’re one step ahead.

(Photo: Instagram)