6 Ways That Austin Mahone Is Without A Doubt The New Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber Austin Mahone

There are many ways that someone can become an international pop idol, including being ridiculously talented, selling your soul and firstborn child to Simon Cowell, or copying what worked for someone before you. Pop music newcomer Austin Mahone, knows all about that last one because, oh my God, he is Justin Bieber (if Justin Bieber were reeeally into beanies.) Like, seriously, did you see him performing at the VMAs pre-show, just oozing Bieber juice from all of his orifices. I know I saw it and I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. That kind of disbelief is the kind that you have to write about in a pretty little list. Like this one, actually.

Austin got really lucky in life because he's having his career breakout moment just as Justin is having his career breakdown moment. There was a vacant spot for a brand new teen with boyish good looks and an ear piercing and Austin answered the swag signal in the sky. Let's all applaud JusAustin, shall we. It takes a lot to look the world in its eyes and say, “yeah, this is a matter of stolen identity, what's it to ya?” before sauntering off into a sea of teenage fangirls.

But his fans, his Mahomies, maybe aren't totally ready to admit that Austin stole Bieber's brand, filed off the serial number and sold it back to everyone. Or definitely aren't ready, if we're being specific.

But I am neither fooled by those caps nor swayed by that poetic “K.” I know that Austin knows that Justin knows that they are one and the same. And I also know that as the world grows tired of Justin's ridiculousness, Austin's going to swoop in and steal his life. If anyone is left unconvinced, here are six whole reasons why you should totally beliebe me.

1. They have the same exact style.

Look at that leather outfit that Austin wore to the 2013 VMAs. Just you look at it. And then I want you to try to tell yourself that that is not an exact replica of Justin's all-white leather suit thing that he's been really into for some reason. The only difference is that Austin's is black and red and, oooh, so edgy.

2. The have the same face, too.

Maybe their faces aren't so similar that someone might mistake the two for identical twins. But they are similar enough that, say, someone's grandma might mistake them for the same person before she had put on her glasses in the morning. And that's close enough, if you ask me.

3. They have the same love of background dancers.

I know that a lot of singers have background dancers (or background teddy bears, I guess) because it's apparently awkward for everyone involved to have just the singer there, dancing all alone. But the difference between Austin's background dancers and everyone else's is that the others aren't direct descendants of Justin Bieber's, who are direct descendants of Usher's. Austin is just continuing the pop circle of life.

4. They have the same type of music video.

Austin Mahone Video


Justin Bieber Mistletoe


Nothing says, “I luv u, girl” like lighting that makes the singer look like they are shooting on a particularly fluffy set of clouds in heaven. Softly-lit is the way to the young girls' hearts and the parents of young girls' money clips. Justin knows that and now Austin knows it, too.

5. They have the same backstory. 

Both Austin and Justin were raised in single-parent households, where the parent in question was their mom. This is really (see: really, very, super duper) important to Austin. He pointed it out in his VMA acceptance speech and it wasn't at all a ploy to make everyone think about another young pop star who was also raised by a single mother. Not at all, you guys!

6. They have the same music. 

While all pop music sounds suspiciously similar to each other (lookin' at you, Katy Kat), Austin's songs sound extremely similar to Justin's earlier songs. His song Say Somethin' is like Baby‘s younger sibling and really, I don't expect the musical similarities to end here. I hear that Austin is even working on a new song called Beauty and the Beats by Dr. Dre. You heard it here first, folks.

I imagine that it's probably annoying for Justin to have to sit back while Austin reverse moonwalks his way into everyone's hearts like Justin himself did a few years ago. If he's really feeling bothered by it, though, he can ring up his pal Rihanna because Miley Cyrus is currently trying her very hardest to be a good girl who broke bad.

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