Austin Mahone Makes Himself Relevant Again By Spreading A Rumor That Kylie Jenner Crashed Her Ferrari

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Austin Mahone shrugging in banga! banga! GIF


Remember a year or so ago when everyone was saying Austin Mahone was the next Justin Bieber? (That is, if it somehow turned out he wasn't already the original Justin Bieber sent from the past to assist in world domination, which is still my personal theory.) Well, in bad news for Austin Mahone but good news for everyone else, that didn't quite happen. I still can't name a single one of his songs, and I've hardly heard his name in ages. But that all changed today.

Austin was on Watch What Happens Live last night, and he used his appearance as an opportunity not to touch fellow guest Connie Britton's hair, as I would have done, but to spread a rumor about Kylie Jenner crashing the new Ferrari her boyfriend Tyga gave her for her birthday earlier this week. Austin was at Kylie's party Sunday night, and after marveling at how “insane” it was that she got the $320,000 car, he added, “I heard she crashed it though, like the next day.” When Andy asked if that was true, he replied, “Yeah, that's what I heard.”

It's not clear where this rumor started, but it's been around since at least Tuesday, when Kylie retweeted singer Jake Quickenden's comment about it, telling everyone it's “just a rumor.”

I don't know if you know this, but I'm inclined to believe everything I hear about the Kardashians and Jenners. And having seen the kind of behavior Kylie and Kendall display while driving, I would not be surprised if this actually happened. That smiley face is giving me some weird vibes. Remember when it just meant you were happy about something? Now it's probably the most overanalyzed set of characters available on a keyboard.

It's not clear if Austin missed Kylie's tweet or if he's just as eager to call bullshit on this family as I am, but either way it was a smart move on his part, because this is the first time I've typed his name in at least a year. Good job, buddy!