Giuliana Rancic Just Debuted A Super Inappropriate Crush On Austin Mahone

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Giuliana Rancic posing with Austin Mahone at the Grammys January 2014My feelings about Giuliana Rancic interviews are usually limited to ‘bemused', ‘befuddled', and ‘deliciously embarrassed for', but she just really outdid herself on the red carpet for The Grammys.

In between bullying people into parading their fingers in front of the ManiCam (and hoping they don't flip it off, like Elisabeth Moss did at the Golden Globes) and gleefully shrieking out song lyrics in hopes of getting discovered by some fancy music executive, Giuliana revealed one of the weirdest, most inappropriate crushes I've ever seen debuted on national television — Austin Mahone.

That's right everyone, as seventeen-year old Austin dazedly wandered the red carpet, Giuliana was on him like a hawk, shouting out constant updates on his location as the rest of the hosts ribbed her on her obsession. Which I thought was kind of a creepy joke, until by the time he got to her she had her wedding ring off and was grilling him about when he turned eighteen. OKAY HOLD UP. I don't care if he's eighteen now or in a couple months, you are thirty-nine today and married in a few months, and girl you need to pull it together.

I'm as guilty as anyone of having casual crushes on boybanders — cough cough Harry Styles of One Direction cough cough — but it's definitely weirder when you have twenty years on him and you're shoving a microphone in his face. That isn't a cute infatuation like one of his Mahomies, that's just a weird, creepy infatuation. He's underage and you're supposed to be interviewing people on their fashion, not making a dinner date with Austin for three months down the line when he's finally old enough to buy cigarettes.

Even if it's a joke, which I don't think it is — that's gross, you're gross, quit it.

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