Austin Mahone’s Latest Show Resulted In Several Missing Kids, So You Can Start To Panic Whenever

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Austin Mahone Talking

I'm sorry to get you all riled up while your emotions are still fragile from the Monday Morning Blues, but you need to know that Austin Mahone's latest show ended with multiple children going missing. Don't worry, your standard fans-fainting-due-to-extreme-temperatures also happened. But, that is but a small molehill in comparison to the mountain-sized issue of three whole missing people.

Austin performed at EndFest in Sacramento on Sunday supporting Ed Sheeran who headlined. And, according to this tweet that Austin's since deleted, everything went way downhill super quickly. Because not one, not two, but three little kids were, at least at the time that he tweeted, nowhere to be found.

“Thanks Sacramento… I pray for the girl that passed out and that they found those 3 missing children that wandered off. #worstshowever”

I don't mean to shout, but THIS IS A BIG GIANT, SCARY DEAL. Like, I can't be the only one freaking out that one or more people didn't, and possibly still, don't know where their children are, right? My hope is that they were just in a Port-A-Potty somewhere and that they've since been found because, otherwise, I'm genuinely worried. And I guess my concerns are just worsened by the fact that Austin's tweet has been snatched from the internet. Like, does that mean that things have escalated? Does that mean that they were solved? Seriously, what the eff is going on?

So, might I suggest #WorstDayInRecordedHistory as an alternative hashtag? Because, on a scale from “One” to “Justin Bieber's Day To Day,” I'd say this set of events sits cozily at the far right end of that scale. 

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