Austin Mahone Says He Won’t ‘Go Crazy’ Like Miley Cyrus And Justin Bieber, So Let The Countdown To Crazy Begin

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Austin Mahone Talking


In “Wait, who is this child again?” news, Austin Mahone wants his fans to know that he doesn't plan on pulling any foam finger or law-breaking stunts anytime soon.  He sees your comparisons to Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, and he raises you a “kids will be kids” response.  He knows his fans are concerned about him going off the deep end and shifting from clean-cut carbon copy of the Biebs to bucket-peeing, felon Biebs.  And he wants you to know that even though they're essentially the same person and he's essentially in the midst of emulating Justin's career, he's not worried he'll end up doing anything “crazy.” (Other than admitting he himself doesn't even think he's that solid of a performer.)

“The shocking and risky thing that [Miley] has done has definitely got her more well known.  I feel like a lot of fans on YouTube and Twitter are like, ‘Oh, don't go crazy like these people'  And you know, everyone's definitely going to make mistakes. But I'm not worried, because I've got a big family around me… who are going to keep me in check, so I'm not too worried about it.  I feel like all these teen stars, they're doing what normal kids are doing, but because it's in the spotlight it gets blown up.”

My first reaction to this statement was, “Oh. I guess I was absent on How To Commit A Felony day during senior week.” And my second reaction was mayyyybe Austin Mahone should spend a little less time attempting to gain “fans on every continent” (an actual thing he said during this interview) and a little more time on grammar lessons, but that's just me and I'm old.  Regardless, it's kind of dangerous for a famous person to make such a blanket statement about “going crazy.”  Because he's only 18 years old, he's got plenty of time to make his own mistakes in the spotlight, and when that happens (because it will) everyone will be digging this interview up to throw in his face, and fans will be longing for the days when the most offensive thing Austin Mahone did was wear a giant chain from Piercing Pagoda around his neck with every outfit.

The only somewhat constructive thing I can pull from this statement is the part where he makes his family accountable for his actions from here on out.  Which is ridiculous, but here's hoping the Mahone clan is a little more in touch with reality than Patti Malette and Jeremy Bieber, because OH MY GOD THOSE TWO.  Throw in TishHere's A New Puppy To Make You Forget About The One That Just Tragically Died YESTERDAY” Cyrus, too, and maybe there's hope for Mr. Mahone just yet.