Benedict Cumberbatch Owns The First August: Osage County Trailer

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Benedict Cumberbatch in August Osage County trailer May 2013If you don't flit back and forth between the real world and the theater world, like a dramatic little butterfly, you might not be aware that they're working on the film version of the UH-mazing play August: Osage County, by Tracy Letts. It shall be arriving in theaters on November 8th of this year, which isn't nearly soon enough considering it's the best thing I've ever seen. Ever. It was on Broadway a few years ago, and if you ever want to watch me be emotionally devastated for two and a half hours and actually enjoy it, get a time machine and take me back to that night. (You could also take me back to any of my relationships in college, but that involves a lot more jumping around. With August: Osage County we know it's all there in one night.) But anyway, the trailer is here now, so please feast your eyes on this star-studded goodness.

First of all let me say — Julia Roberts is fine and great and whatever, even though she dropped off the face of the planet for a while, but this part should 100% be played by Amy Morton. She played it in the stage version, she's a fucking beast, and I can't imagine anyone else even attempting it, let alone doing it better. I get that you have to have a big name and stuff, and Julia definitely is that, but this is me stating once and for all that Amy Morton is the shit — THE SHIT — and that should be her.

And the second point I'd like to make about this trailer is the following statement — come for the Meryl Streep, stay for the Benedict Cumberbatch. Meryl is great and all, and I'm sure I'd have a really fun day sitting with her in her house polishing her awards for basically being the greatest living actress, but BENEDICT. Guys he's my new crush ever since I've been watching his Star Trek Into Darkness interviews and finally started watching Sherlock, which everyone on the planet has been pushing me to do for years now, and he's in this movie! He gets like maaayyybe five seconds in the trailer, of him crying and freaking out, and he's so good. I can't wait to see him in this role. Bring on the emotional devastation, urrbody.

August: Osage County also stars Abigail Breslin, Ewan McGregor, Juliette Lewis, Dermot Mulroney, Chris Cooper, and Margo Martindale, so get ready to be destroyed by talent.