Aubrey Plaza Once Again Proves That She Is So Much Cooler Than You

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Aubrey Plaza Complex Magazine March 2013My most favoritest thing is when celebrities still act like themselves even after they get famous, so I'm totally obsessed with Aubrey Plaza. Reading this interview she did with Complex Magazine feels less like reading celebrity talking points and more like talking to an awkwardly cool friend. Not awkward on a Kristen Stewart level, but just enough that I feel like we could carry on a conversation without me getting massively intimidated even though she's blatantly out of my friend-league. For one thing, she got a part on Parks and Recreation written for her, and what's even cooler is that she had no idea, at the time, so she auditioned for it anyway, just like a normal lady doing normal things.

“I came out to L.A. to have a couple meetings, and one was with Greg Daniels and [Parks co-creator] Mike Schur. They hadn’t written the script, they just had a general idea of what it was. So I met them way early in the process. The only people attached to the show were Amy [Poehler], Rashida [Jones], and Aziz [Ansari], but they didn’t even know their characters yet. I didn’t realize how important that meeting was. [Laughs.] I was like, “Hey, I’ve never been to L.A., so whatever.” I showed up in jean shorts and was just a weirdo. We started talking casually, and I threw out a couple of ideas. “Wouldn’t it be funny if they had a college intern who didn’t really want to be there and was only there for the college credit?” And they said, “That’d be really funny.” I found out later that they wrote me into the pilot, and they even used my name. But then I had to audition for it. I just went in and read on tape, but they changed the character’s name from Aubrey to April so I wouldn’t think that it was written for me. [Laughs.] I pretty much had it in the bag, but I didn’t know it.”

Ugh, I'm so jealous and yet unintimidated at the same time! I love it! And what's more exciting is that Aubrey reveals she has a new movie coming out, The To Do List, where she plays a role outside the deadpan character that she's become such a genius at.

“Yeah, The To Do List is gonna be fun because I’m not sarcastic, depressed, or weird in it. I’m a type-A, almost obnoxious kind of girl. I wanted to do something where I’m not the weirdo who’s in the back of the classroom for a change. I want to be the girl who’s in the front of the classroom raising her hand.”

Wherever you sit in the classroom is fine with me, as long as you agree to consider letting me be your lab partner.

(Image: Matt Barone for Complex Magazine)