Aubrey Plaza Might Be Open To Doing A Nude Scene In A Movie

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Attention, Aubrey Plaza fanboys! Not that you'd care, as I know you love her for her brains and all, but your favorite hilarious and doe-eyed deadpan actress has finally addressed the question you were totally not hoping someone would ask her, i.e., “would you ever do a nude scene?” Here's her almost kind of titillating (if you squint a little) response:

Would you ever do an artsy music video? Or, for that matter, would you do nudity on-camera?  You haven't had to do that yet, if I'm not mistaken?

No, no. I've been in my underwear and I've done one scene where my bathing suit top supposedly flies off and I'm topless but you only see me from behind so no, I haven't been blessed with a naked part yet. It's hard to say though. I don't have any rules about anything so it's more like, “if it happens, it happens.”  I'm definitely the first one to say that I have no idea what will happen or what I will do next. So…maybe.

Did you hear that? She wouldn't not consider it. That's about as good as her having shown you her cool, deadpan genitals already. Not that, um, you want to see them or anything.

Those interested in Aubrey on a purely platonic level might also be surprised to learn she was a veritable Tracy Flick in high school:

What were you like in high school?
In high school I was actually President of Student Council, president of a lot of things and always wanting to be in a leadership position. So I do have similarities with the character there, which is what I used in the movie. I was definitely involved in high school.  I was popular but not in any cool way.

It's kind of hard to picture the girls who plays April Ludgate ever having been that involved with anything, but there you have it. Aubrey Plaza is just full of fun surprises.

(Via Paper Magazine)

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