Let’s Have A Look At The Nude Portrait Of Herself That Aubrey Plaza Has Hanging In Her Dining Room

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Aubrey Plaza is one of those people who I think might actually be exactly like the character she plays on TV. Obviously Aubrey has a much cooler job than April Ludgate, her character on Parks and Recreation, but otherwise they seem eerily similar.

For your consideration: in a recent interview with Conan O'Brien, Aubrey revealed that she has a nude portrait of herself hanging up in her dining room. There are so many wackadoodle details that I'm worried I'll miss some if I try to paraphrase, so here's a transcript of what went down in the interview. Aubrey starts by giving some backstory on the artist, a Korean man named David Cho:

Aubrey: I think he was a thief, and he was in jail for years. I don't know what he stole, but he was in jail. And then when he got out, he painted a naked picture of me.


Conan: He painted a naked picture of you?


Aubrey: No…he painted a picture of a naked woman and then he says it's me and that he gave her Asian eyes and then his feet.


Conan: Ah, the perfect woman.


Aubrey: Anyway, he somehow got in touch with me because he's a fan of our show, and he asked if he could bring over a housewarming gift for me — I've never met him before, in my life — he showed up to my house in a white suit with no shoes on, barefoot, and gave me a painting on a piece of wood that's bigger than me, that is just a naked…me. And then just gave it to me and then he went outside and jumped in my pool. And then he left.

Um. UMMMM. What?? And this is a story about Aubrey, mind you. Not April. Not her fake character. AUBREY. From real life. All I can say is that your life is unreal, Aubrey Plaza. Absolutely none of those details is normal. But the most hilarious part is, Aubrey not only kept the portrait, but hung it up in her dining room for her family Thanksgiving dinner. And of course she made sure her mom was seated in a place where she had the ideal view.

Aubrey. I'm obsessed with you. Be my friend in real life so you can judge me and roll your eyes at all the dumb things I say. Nothing would make me happier.