Aubrey Plaza Deadpans That She Had Sex With Bill Murray, Is Pregnant With His Baby

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Aubrey Plaza is currently at the Sundance Film Festival promoting her sci-fi romance Safety Not Guaranteed. This is a good thing for us Plaza-heads, because that means she's doing lots of interviews, and Aubrey Plaza is funny in interviews.

Earlier this week, she told Vulture that she turned down an invite to a magic show from Ryan Gosling(!), but was still considering killing his girlfriend so she and Baby Goose could be together. Now, she's set her romantic sights on quite a different man of cinema: existential wanderer Bill Murray.

When discussing her new movie A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, Plaza mentioned that Bill Murray is in it with her (as well as Charlie Sheen and Jason Schwartzman). When asked by MTV News if she'd had an “authentic Bill Murray experience,” she replied in the affirmative:

We did, actually. We had an experience that, in nine months, the world will be a part of.

Of course she was only kidding, which is a shame, because I'm pretty sure any offspring those two produced would be awesome, hilarious, and charmingly weird.

(Via HuffPo)