“Assassination of a High School President” out in February

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Back in June I reported that Mischa Barton's movie Assassination of a High School President would get a limited release. However, it seems that perhaps our disappointment in that helped fuel more traction. It now looks like the film will have it's official release in 2009.

After checking imdb, the Facebook group, and the Yari Film Group site, I'm getting some mixed dates on the actual release. imdb lists another limited release on February 27th in the US, with a full release on March 29. The Facebook group lists February 27th as well, but no specific details.

Assassination of a High School President stars Mischa Barton as Francesca Facchini. Francesca asks for the help of Bobby Funke (Reece Thompson) to track down a set of stolen SATs. However, Funke uncovers that the school president may be behind the crime – which propels him to high school popularity. On his newfound popularity, Funke is able to take Francesca to the Homecoming dance. However, Funke beings to wonder if perhaps he's become a pawn in a conspiracy, and a little digging proves he is… a conspiracy that is so rotten as you could imagine.

Below are some clips from the film that I haven't featured before!!

‘Assassination of a High School President' Clips

“Are You a Man, Funke?”

“I Wanted to Thank You”


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