Who Did Ashton Kutcher Sleep With To Get The Role Of Steve Jobs?

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Despite the headlines breaking on April Fools Day, this Ashton Kutcher casting news is apparently not a practical joke. Variety reports that Ashton Kutcher, currently best known for possibly sleeping with Rihanna, will play Steve Jobs in the indie film Jobs. Yes, the same Ashton Kutcher who starred in critically panned films like No Strings Attached  and New Year's Eve will play one of the most influential men in the world in this biopic.

Unless this movie's some kind of madcap parody that follows Steve Jobs when he gets high one night and decides he wants to get White Castle before returning to his dorm to finish building a computer, this just doesn't make sense.

Sure Ashton Kutcher deserves to be cast in movies. The Jessica Biels and the Katherine Heigls of the world need someone to play their love interest. But being cast as Steve Jobs, the man the entire world mourned over last year, just doesn't add up.

But nothing seems to add up in Ashton Kutcher's life lately. First we hear he's going to space (bon voyage!), then we hear he's sleeping with Rihanna, then Rihanna pukes in her mouth when she hears his name at a press junket. It's like one giant web of rumors that we can't figure out.

In the meantime, I guess we better prepare to see Ashton Kutcher in a serious role. This could be his big break into getting cast into award-winning movies. Or it could be a great opportunity to see how he turns Steve Jobs' life into a slapstick comedy. We'll have to wait until next year to see how it turns out.