How Long Until Ashton Kutcher Starts Dating His Former Stepdaughter Rumer Willis?

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How Long Until Ashton Kutcher Starts Dating His Former Stepdaughter Rumer Willis  Ashton Kutcher Rumer Willis1 jpg

As soon as Ashton Kutcher started dating Demi Moore in 2003, I pointed out to anyone who would listen that Ashton was closer in age to her daughter, Rumer Willis, than he was to her. But everyone looked at me like I was stabbing love in the eye and said it didn’t matter. But I thought it mattered, I thought it mattered a lot. He was 25, Demi was 40 and Rumer Willis was 14.

Not only was Ashton only 11 years older than his stepdaughter, but when he started dating her mother, he was in his Hollywood heyday. In 2003 alone he starred in 3 movies and probably 3 million girls’ dreams. Rumer herself admitting to crushing on him in his youth.

I remember having heated discussions with my friends about whether we could date him. Yes, he was beautiful. But he also came off like an idiot in interviews. Were we ready to sacrifice our need for intelligent conversation just to stare at a chiseled male model turned actor?  We never resolved the ongoing moral debate because he married Demi Moore in 2005.

Their against-all-odds marriage turned out to be against all the odds when they separated this year amidst rumors of cheating, threesomes, and other assorted sex scandals. The cradle robber was all robbed out and she threw Ashton back on the streets (or he proudly walked to the streets after breaking up with her, depends what your tabloid of choice is).

And now, just months after separating, Ashton’s out partying with Demi’s daughter 23-year-old daughter Rumer Willis. According to X17, “Rumer Willis and Demi’s ex Ashton Kutcher hit the town in Hollywood Tuesday night for some late-night partying at The Sayers Club.”

Classy former stepfather move Ashton. I know she’s legally allowed to party, but should her former stepfather be doing it with her? Did the two former family members just want to spend some quality time together to celebrate Rumer’s singing performance?

Or could this be the beginning of a phenomenally trashy Hollywood romance? They did live together already and now their age difference is hardly a concern. Wouldn’t be that crazy for them to make that leap from family to family, if you know what I mean. Introducing him to her parents wouldn’t be quite so stressful.

So in the spirit of speculation, I wonder what the next move will be for Ashton and Rumer? Friends or lovers?

Lifetime Movie Network is standing by waiting for the answer.