These Twitter Responses To The Ashton Kutcher Brownface Controversy Are Approximately 400% Funnier Than The Ad Itself

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After some serious backlash, Ashton Kutcher‘s ad for PopChips in which he dons brown-face to play a stereotypical Bollywood producer named ‘Raj' has been pulled. After the ad was released two days ago, the response from the Indian community (as well as the non-racist human community) was harsh and immediate, calling out Kutcher for being not only racist, but also unfunny.

We don't know who's most to blame for this mess, but it's safe to say there was some seriously bad judgement across the board; a fact which PopChips seems to realize, as the ad has now been pulled from the company's YouTube and Facebook accounts. However, in case you missed it in the media frenzy yesterday, the ad can still be found on some random, unlicensed sites. (I'd link to them, but I have a feeling that many will be pulled down before the end of the day, so I'll leave you to do some internet-sleuthing on your own. Godspeed.)

In the meantime, we perused Twitter this morning for some of the funniest responses to the controversy, and put them into this handy-dandy gallery for all your Ashton Kutcher and PopChip-bashing needs.

Bon Voyage! (That's French for “Have a good trip and don't be a racist clownhole.”)

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