Here’s Your First Look At Ashton Kutcher Looking Uncannily Like Steve Jobs In jOBS

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As you may or may not know, talented thespian Ashton Kutcher has been tapped to play the title role in the forthcoming biopic about the life of Steve Jobs, jOBS. The film wil premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this coming January. To help create buzz and/or silence naysayers, the festival has released a promotional shot of Ashton as Jobs, and I must say the resemblance is uncanny.

Above is a photo of the young (and surprisingly hot) Jobs in his office circa 1981-1982. Are you ready for the Ashton Kutcher version?


How crazy is that? I've always thought young Steve Jobs looked kind of like Ashton Kutcher, but this is some next level shit. Is Ashton his secret love child, or something? I find it telling about how male beauty standards have changed over the years that a heartthrob of today so closely resembles a computer nerd of the '80s.

More importantly, will this be enough to convince people that Kelso from That '70s Show is actually a visionary genius who changed the face of technology as we know it? Or will Tim Goodman of The Hollywood Reporter be all, “calm down, The Jobs Movie? Only time will tell.

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Photos: All About Steve Jobs, Sundance