Ashley Tisdale: My ‘Hellcats’ Character Is NOT ‘Sharpay 2.0’

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Sure, Ashley Tisdale‘s newest character, Savannah, the cheerleading captain on the upcoming CW series Hellcats, demands her time in the spotlight, loves cute clothes and can be chirpy and majorly annoying at the same time. But that doesn't automatically make her a clone of High School Musical‘s Sharpay Evans.

“My hair color has definitely changed,” a brunette Ashley joked at the Television Critics Association panel of her new series.

“For me, Savannah is completely different from Sharpay. She's been in her own little bubble. She's a cheerleader. She's very religious. She's Christian. She's very naive.”

Oh, and this little note. Savannah has a heart.

“She's a little bit soft,” Ashley pointed out, noting how Savannah isn't above putting the best gal on the cheerleading squad, even if she does loathe law-student-in-desperate-need-off-scholarship Marti (portrayed by newcomer Alyson Michalka)

“She sees Marti, and she sees how good she is, and so she's like, ‘I'm team captain, let's do this.'”

Sharpay will finally get a little humanity when she tries to make it big in the Big Apple in Disney Channel's upcoming feature, Sharpay's Fabulous  Adventure.

“Sharpay is used to getting everything that she wants. She's Barbie: she's got the perfect hair, perfect car and perfect clothes. She goes to New York to fulfill her dreams and be on Broadway and  she messes up a little bit. She's out on her own and she realizes life isn't like that,” Ashley shared. “I think she's finally learned down the road, and kind of has to fend for herself.”

Maybe these two do have something in common after all.