Ashley Olsen Looks So Happy Without Make-Up That I Have Trouble Believing It’s Really Her

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The last time Ashley Olsen looked happy was at the 1992 premiere party for To Grandmother's House We Go. Or so I read  in Dave Coulier's autobiography last week.

Ever since that fateful musical comedy, she's looked angry, upset, annoyed and occasionally even constipated. Her problem's possibly IBS or it's possibly make-up. After seeing this photo, I'm leaning toward make-up being the cause for her unhappiness.

Because in this wonderfully adorable make-up free photo of Ashley Olsen playing in the ocean while on vacation in Hawaii, she looks happy. Truly happy and carefree. Just like every other 25-year-old in the country not forced into acting as an infant.

Is this the real Ashley Olsen? This smiling bikini-ed young woman who's splashing cheerfully in the water?

I hope so, because I like her so much more than the angry Ashley Olsen who shows up in gala photographs looking like she's auditioning for a brooding role on Revenge. 

And now that we've seen one twin appear in public scowl-free, we just have to wait for Mary-Kate to follow her lead. It would make Papouli so proud.