Ashley Olsen Almost Wore Blair Waldorf’s Iconic Headbands

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Ashley Olsen Almost Wore Blair Waldorf s Iconic Headbands ashley olsen rumer willis gossip girl jpg

It’s always fun to know what other actors were in consideration for some of our favorite movie and TV characters, and crazy to think about a different person in the role (Angelina Jolie was reportedly a front-runner to play Cher Horowitz in Clueless — can you imagine?!).

A casting director named David Rapaport sat down with BuzzFeed to discuss the casting secrets no one knew about — until now — on some of the biggest CW shows, including Gossip Girl90210Arrow, and The Flash.

“I love seeing movies and TV shows and thinking, Who would I cast in that role? Or re imagining where people might fit,” David said. “I feel like you need to learn that gut instinct of what works tonally for [your show] — that’s a learned instinct and it’s also a learned thing to trust your instincts.” He added:

“There is no easy decision because there are maybe 50 people who make that final decision — studio, network, producers — so even though I think I have the right actor for the role, it is always a process to get them cast. I kind of have to fall in love with all these people I cast because I need to assume the world is also going to fall in love with them, so I have to see that ability in them and I fell in love with each and every one of these actors for what they brought to the character.”

With that much pressure, picking the perfect actor could border on nightmarish — it could basically make or break a show.

Some of the highlights that David discussed include the fact that Blake Lively was obvs the front runner for the role of Serena van der Woodsen.

“Blake Lively was literally the only person I could think of for Serena. I had seen her in Accepted [a 2006 comedy co-starring Justin Long] and at that time, there were no Lena Dunhams or Zooey Deschanels — it was all about beauty and glamour, but being approachable and Blake was the ultimate It Girl. I was terrified we wouldn’t get her or they wouldn’t like her because, honestly, they show lived and died on her and I had absolutely no other ideas… Blake was the front-runner.”

He says that initially, Ashley Olsen was pitched for the Blair Waldorf character, and Rumer Willis for the Serena role, which would’ve been SO weird.

Ed Westwick, who ended up playing the conniving, charming Chuck Bass, was initially going out for the Nate Archibald character, but they felt Chace Crawford was more “traditionally handsome” and better suited to Nate.

Another surprising possibility included Finn Wittrock of American Horror Story fame almost being cast as Liam in 90210.

“We were looking for a new love interest and Finn Wittrock [of American Horror Story: Freak Show] was in the running for it,” David said. “He read for Liam and tested. I think AnnaLynne [McCord] liked him, but Matt won. I didn’t really realize that role was going to be as big as it was.”

Keke Palmer, who’s now starring in Fox’s Scream Queens, almost played Iris on The Flash, but she was too young to fill the role properly.

Interesting tidbits, eh?

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