Real Housewives Of New Jersey Kid Ashley Holmes’ Bad Makeovers Through The Ages

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Real Housewives of New Jersey Kid Ashley Holmes  Bad Makeovers Through the Ages ashleyholmesblonde 490x367 jpg

Last week’s season premiere episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a long string of sex jokes and a lot of hate directed at Teresa Giudice. We were absolutely shocked. Not by the events of the episode, of course, but by the fact that there wasn’t more discussion of Ashley Holmes’ new look. Jacqueline Laurita’s naturally dark-haired daughter is now sporting a blonde dye job and lips that seem… fuller.

This isn’t the first time that Ashley has displayed questionable style judgment. In fact, she’s been through about as many bad looks as attempted “interventions” by her parents. Will the blonde last? Will going to Vegas suddenly make Ashley the perfect daughter, instead of a whiny brat? Only time will tell. We invite you to contemplate Ashley’s future by taking a trip down memory lane, and reliving all her other bad makeovers.