‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert Will Convert to Judaism to Marry JP Rosenbaum

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Although religion is a topic that The Bachelor/ette mostly stays away from, Ashley Hebert will reportedly convert to Judaism before marrying her fiancee, JP Rosenbaum. The couple, who got engaged on this week's Bachelorette finale, were bound by the show's contract not to have much contact with each other and thus spoil the ending, so they've been constantly in touch on Skype. And one of the topics that came up was apparently religion. JP's family is Jewish, and we got to see his awesomely bad bar mitzvah photo on his hometown date. While religious differences were rumoredly the reason that Constantine Tzortzis left the show last week, religion is usually not something we hear about on the show.

On this week's After the Final Rose reunion special, JP and Ashley mentioned that she would move to New York after finishing up dental school in Philadelphia, and that they'd celebrate holidays together, with Ashley specifically mentioning Hanukkah. If Ashley's conversion is a sign that she and JP spent some of their Skype hours talking about stuff more serious than just amazingness, this bodes really well for their future as a couple. Ashley's media-attention-loving sister Chrystie Corns told Hollywood Life that she and her family were supportive of Ashley's decision to convert. Maybe Ashley can get some tips from Ivanka Trump, who converted to Judaism before marrying her husband, Jared Kushner.