Ashlee Simpson Won’t Have Much Of A Comeback Judging From Her Laughably Bad New Single

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Ashlee Simpson new single teaser "Bat For A Heart" comeback Joe Simpson gayWhen I wrote about Papa Joe Simpson maybe being gay a few weeks back, one of our commenters ripped me a new one for not acknowledging that Ashlee Simpson is returning to the spotlight with a new album and single later this month.

Well, last night Ashlee released a teaser on her website, and… I'm still pretty underwhelmed. As I write, there's a clock counting down the days til Ashlee's new single (and music video) “Bat For A Heart” drops on November 21st. Everyone's calling the teaser “edgy,” but I think it's just Ashlee trying too hard. As you can see, she's returned to her blonde hair and Converse sneakers—basically, the Ashlee she was before her short-lived marriage to Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz.

But whereas one of her old singles coyly replaced the notion of sex with “lala,” she's much more upfront in these lyrics. To wit, the chorus was probably approved by Joe for his daughter's edgy comeback: I'm gonna bang bang, fuck you up / Twist you out inside of my head. Add that to Ashlee crawling around an apartment in this video, all dark eyeliner and tiptoeing in ballet shoes (?), and it's just awful.

It's pretentious, it's fake, and it's the reason why I always feel like I have to apologize when I say that I like pop. And I was a big fan of Ashlee's when I was in high school! “Love Me For Me”? Great yearning, sentimental song. But this is just lazy, a whole bunch of haphazard parts thrown together to be shocking or dangerous. She should go back to at least sounding heartfelt when she sings.

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