Ashlee Simpson Has A Mellow Bachelorette Party

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Ashlee Simpson Has a Mellow Bachelorette Party ashleemay 05 nc jpg

Ashlee Simpson celebrated her final days as a singleton with a “mellow” bachelorette party Thursday night. EOnline reports that big sis Jessica and Simpson mom Tina were hosts of the party for Ashlee. Apparently the party was at the Simpson house, because tents were spotted going up earlier on Thursday.

Or could that be the secret location of the wedding?

Anywho, apparently the gals “made stops at a swanky West Hollywood lingerie shop and an A-list watering hole before winding down around midnight.” In typical Ashlee form, she had her closest friends near her and even invited Pete’s mom. Aw…..

After Pete’s party (which I’ll tell you about a bit later) both groups met up together and Pete and Ashlee spent the night together. Very sweet.

Image used with permission from Newscom.