Ashlee Simpson Is Mistaken For Ashley Tisdale, Proving Nose Jobs Can Hurt C-List Careers

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In a classic case of Jennifer Grey Syndrome, Ashlee Simpson was unrecognizable at New York Fashion Week. She was mistaken for Ashley Tisdale instead, which means the reporter was either confused by their first name on second nose.  Tough call.

This incident just added salt to Simpson's wounds: Before she was confused with a High School Musical character during Fashion Week, she wasn't recognized as anyone at all during Fashion Week, according to Buzzfeed.  Whomp whomp.

Have we learned nothing from Frances “Baby” Hausman?  Nothing??  Right when Jennifer Grey's career was ready to skyrocket from her success in Ferris Bueller's Day Off  and Dirty Dancing, she thought it was the perfect time to fuck with her face.  And I think we all know what happened after that–the next time we saw her, she was playing on of Rachel Green's nemesis Mindy on Friends and STILL no one knew who she was.  Because she fucked with her face.  If it weren't for Dancing With the Stars, no one under the age of 20 would know who she was at all.

I have to say I think that Ashlee Simpson is more recognizable altogether than Ashley Tisdale, and that her evolving style might have something to do with the confusion.  Although if she attended Fashion Week with Jessica Simpson she'd probably have been recognized right away.  Because she's living in the shadow…of Jessica's muu-muus and furry Uggs.


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