Art Crush: Box Brown’s Un-Self-Conscious Tumblr ‘Rejected By The New Yorker’

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So the New Yorker—you've heard of it, right? Don't be ashamed to say you've only read the pithy, single-panel comics that accompany the articles. You're actually the exact person we're looking for. See, we stumbled across this great Tumblr called Rejected by the New Yorker, webcomic artist Box Brown‘s humble collection of comics that didn't make it into the esteemed publication.

With a sort of “make lemons out of lemonade” attitude, Box has managed publication in a different way: He posts each cartoon as it gets rejected — even joking about a lax update, “Sorry dudes… waiting on another rejection slip!” — ensuring perhaps an even more widespread readership than if he had gotten into the actual magazine.

Being less than two weeks old, the Tumblr already has several drawings; this is both a sad commentary on artists' struggles to break into the mainstream, but also it means that we actually get to see his work. Because to be honest, we're not really New Yorker kind of readers.