Arrow is Right on Target. Pun Intended.

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Seriously, the CW's premiere of Arrow was one of the best new series I've seen so far this fall. I wasn't sure what to expect when I tuned in. I'd done my research and found out that the show is based on a popular comic book. Seeing as I've never read a comic book before in my life, I was not familiar with this story and was somewhat worried about what it would be like. But I found it to be an exciting mystery that left me with burning questions (and a desire for someone to finally invent time travel so I can fast forward to watch next week's episode).

In the show, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) stars as the billionaire playboy who was lost at sea as a result of a devastating accident that took the lives of several people, including his father. He's found five years later on a deserted island, a shell of his former self. Gone is the carefree college-dropout he once was. In his place is the Green Arrow a crossbow-toting vigilante who's spent half a decade living off the land and learning to fend for himself in the wild. Now that he's back to his old life he has to blend in again. He must appear to be the same old fratboy he once, but in reality he's a completely different man.

Through flashbacks we learned that Oliver's father, Robert (Jamey Sheridan), was a billionaire beloved by their hometown of Starling City. But before he dies, Robert, tells his son that he's not the man everyone thinks he is, and that it's imperative Oliver survives to make things right for their city. But we've yet to be filled in on what exactly this means. How has the billionaire failed the city? Is he corrupt? Is the whole city corrupt? I need to know!

In case you couldn't tell I'm a big fan of mysteries, which is why I fell in love with the show even more during it's last few minutes. That's when we found out that Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson), Oliver's mom, arranged for him to get kidnapped earlier in the episode in order to find out if Oliver knows anything he shouldn't. I'll admit I was blindsided by this. Her concerned mother act fooled me, but honestly this is so much better (and more fun to watch).

But since having a mother who's clearly less than pleased you're alive is a bit of a buzzkill, it's a good thing writers decided to throw in a potential love interest for us. She appeared in the form of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), Queen's girlfriend before the accident happened. They had quite the bittersweet reunion last night. That probably had something to do with the fact that Laurel's sister, Sarah (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), and Oliver were having an affair. Which is something that was only discovered when Sarah tragically died in the very same boating accident that left Oliver stranded.

So yeah… the likelihood of these two getting back together anytime soon is slim to none. But still, there's hope. They're both fighting for justice in their city. Though, Laurel is doing so as a public defender while Oliver is doing so as a hooded superhero. Having things is common is always good, and I wouldn't be surprised if these two someday found their way back to each other.

Overall, I felt like this what a strong pilot. There was a perfect blend of plot and action. We got to see the Green Arrow kick some ass, while learning a lot about the residents of Starling City. I look forward to seeing the drama and danger unfold as Oliver gets closer to fulfilling his father's dying wish.

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