Let’s Not Do Any Work Today And Just Watch The Best Buster Bluth Videos Instead

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I'm at the point now where I'll use any Arrested Development news as an excuse to talk about the show. And now that the season four's just a few months away, there's news emerging every other minute. Or every other day, we should be so lucky to get Bluth Family updates every other minute.

Today brings us an interview with Tony Hale from Prefix Mag, the genius behind the hook-handed Buster Bluth. While I completely picture Tony Hale being Buster Bluth in real life, he says that's actually not true. It's the opposite of true.

How much is Buster Bluth a departure from your actual self?

Hopefully a hundred percent. Buster, hopefully he's a complete departure. He's definitely the most emasculated character I've ever played. I will say that when I was first doing him, you know you're playing the character for so long during the day, I remember coming home and my wife would many times say like, “Yeah, you're a little hypersensitive. You need to kind of detox Buster a little bit,” [laughs].

For example, not only is Tony Hale un-emasculated, but he's married with a child. I can't picture this at all. But that's because I'm still coming to terms with the fact that a loose seal (Lucille, so genius, gets me every time) didn't bite  his hand off in real life. While the interview's great, it talks a little bit too much about his role on Veep. Great show, but not the show I want to talk about today.

No instead I'd prefer just to forget Tony Hale exists as a separate entity and just watch Buster Bluth videos instead. You in? Great. Let's begin.

We'll kick off our movie marathon with a quality round-up of every “hey, brother” reference he ever made.

And let's follow that up with Buster going crazy after drinking juice.

Enjoyed that? How about a loving moment between Buster, Lucille and Franklin.

Now a classic hook moment that involves the stair car.


And my favorite clip of all time.

There you go. The best of Buster Bluth in 5 clips! Did I forget one? Leave it in the comments.

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