Can You Catch Every Arrested Development Joke In The New ‘Maeby One Day’ Song?

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Even though the magnificent return of  Arrested Development is months (years? eons?) away from actually happening, we're in full-on celebration mode. (And by we, I obviously mean the Internet. I think of all as one big dysfunctional made-for-TLC family. Here's to a Thanksgiving dinner conversation dominated by meme talk.)

Like a never-nude hides his cut-offs, we spent years staying quiet about our love for the show. For every friend who understood a quality reference, another 10 didn't even remember the show airing. While that proved to be a great way to filter out friends, it also made the world a lonely place.

I mean, what kind of person doesn't know all the different kinds of chicken dance one can do. A sociopath, that's who. (That's not who, that's blatantly untrue.)

Then, after years of metaphorically living in the attic with Pop-Pop, we got word that the show would be returning and we could finally go inside-joke crazy in public. That's right. We could tell everyone that we know that we just blue ourselves. If they matter, they'll get it. If they don't get it, they don't matter.

See how easy it is to start incorporating Arrested Development jokes back into your everyday lingo? It's as easy as it for any member of the Bluth Family to make a big mistake. (I know, I'm trying hard here.)

Non-Bluth Allie Goertz know how easy it is because she took all the jokes and set them to music in “Maeby One Day.” Well not all the jokes, because that would be impossible. But enough jokes and enough Carl Weather references that you'll feel satisfied.

And bonus! If you're a superfan, you'll also get to feel superior to your friends when you show them that you know exactly which joke came from which episode.