New Arrested Development Photo Makes Me Want To Teleport To May

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How are we still so far away from the season premiere of Arrested Development? I'm honestly not sure how much longer I can wait for it to premiere before I start going crazy. And by crazy, I mean channeling my inner Tobias Funke and crying in my cut-offs in the shower.

Tobias Funke shower scene


The only thing preventing me from taking those drastic measures are the fourth season photos that continue to leak out. While we have no idea what's happening in any of them, they're just weird enough to get us excited.

Like the one that came out today that features Gob Bluth, Lindsay Funke and Tobias Funke sitting on the couch. Naturally Tobias is wearing a neck brace. Because why wouldn't he? While it reminds me of the time he almost died from his toxic hair plugs, I'm guessing that they're not going to try to have Lindsay kill him off again for charity reasons. Or maybe they will? We don't know anything. It's all very TBA? (GET IT? TBA?)New Arrested Development season 4 photoAll I personally know is that I need to start planning my pre-premiere marathon viewing session so I can be on top of every single in-joke. I don't want to miss a thing in the new episodes and I can't risk it by just trusting my memory.

Also, we all know that the best part of watching this show is getting to feel superior to everyone who doesn't get it. So goshdarnit, I have no choice but to make sure I get every single part of it.

Here's to the next few months going quickly. And to more photos leaking out.

(Photo: Netflix)