There’s More News On The Arrested Development Front, And It’s Gooood

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There s More News On The Arrested Development Front  And It s Gooood Arrested Development chicken dance gif

By now we’ve heard a million different ways from a million different people that yes, there will be a fifth season of Arrested Development on Netflix, following its miraculous return from the dead to make our binge-watching dreams come true. It’s been great to know that we’ll be getting more time with the Bluths, but we haven’t gotten a whole lot of information about the new episodes other than that. That all changed this week when the show’s producer Brian Grazer confirmed not only that the new season is still in the works, but also how many episodes we’ll be getting.

Here’s what he had to say in a recent Grantland interview (via Cinema Blend):

“People are loyal to Arrested Development, and we’re going to do another 17 episodes. So, stay tuned for Arrested Development.”

17. 17. SEVENTEEN. Just for comparison, the show’s fourth season only had 15 episodes on Netflix. Years before, the third and final season on network TV only had 13. Oh Netflix, you’re spoiling us. (I’m not complaining. No seriously, there’s no such thing as too much AD. It’s been scientifically proven by me, every time I watch twenty episodes in a row uncontrollably.)

Unfortunately those 17 episodes have yet to be made, and we don’t yet know when that will happen or when the next season will air. It seems like we’re just going to have to deal with finding out about this stuff bit by bit with long stretches of uncertainty in between. But hey, we dealt with seven years of uncertainty after the show originally went off the air. Actually, it was worse than simple uncertainty then. On the contrary, it was certainty that we’d never get the show back. And now we have. But we just want a little more of it. Or a lot more of it, because woohoo 17 episodes!

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